The 2021 Changhua Racing Festival was in full swing~~
The event was full of surprises and fun!! Positive feedbacks are all over‼️ 
The first big thanks to the organizer for hosting such an awesome event.  We are looking forward to coming back next year!!  Another big thanks to our partners CWC Garage and Wsport for helping us on this event possible and enjoyable.  And last but not least, a big thanks to our dedicated staff who stick to their posts in such cold weather, appreciated the hard work !!
It's very surprising the fans’ enthusiasm was not quenched due to the cold weather,  it was full of enthusiasm, making this a successful event!
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Another fascinating and exciting drift racing event!!
Precise drifting execution and full throttle on the straight, just like the movie scenes come to alive!
Congrats to Miki Takagi for wining the 2nd place in D1 Lights race.
Here are the highlights of the Mobara Twin Circuit track event in Chia Japan!!
Our yellow team has immediately drawn the attention from the beginning of the scene.

What's up fam!!
Our JPturbo B1300 in action!
With the 1.8 bar boost and NOS, the result is 1350 hp.
To finish line like in the Fast and Furious!!

“2020 D1 Lights series Rd.4 BILHOKU”
With our JP TURBO B550X installed on her racing car.
Congratulation to Miki Takagi, 1st place in solo run !! 
Even the judge went crazy about how she handled the corner !!
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#Miki Takagi #B550X
This young and talented driver, Yuta Komatsu has recently competed in races with JP TURBO B800X.  He was able to unleash the strong power of the JPturbo.  And he perfectly demonstrated, the driver's skill and ability !  Way to go and keep up the good work !

We am honored to be able to cooperate with Miki Takagi whom are well know in D1GP.

In Japan, Miki Takagi has achieved many amazing achievements in the super eye-catching pink "Little Beauty".

We will take part in the competition with our JP TURBO B550X installed on her racing car.

We hope, by this combination, we will be able to achieve another outstanding results in the Japanese Drift Competition!!




Meet us at SEMA show!!!


Location : Las Vegas Convention Center

Date: 31st Oct - 3rd Nov

Booth: 73005

Dear JPturbo lovers,

We are excited to inform you about our attendance in SEMA show 2016. The show will be held from November 1st to 4th in Las Vegas Convention Center.  It will be the perfect opportunity to take a first glance of JPturbo performance turbochargers. We will be more than happy to see you in our booth!  The booth number is 21731.    


You can make an appointment with us by directly replying this email.  Or by clicking the bottom below.  Thank you!


* A gift will provide to the for every appointment made and show in our booth.  The number of gifts is limited.  It is on the first come first serve basis. 

Your choose of performance turbo upgrades!  With performance billet wheels and ball bearing!